Iron Man & Team Enduro

Try this endurance karting race with a group where team members change drivers in a relay race-style competition. This is an exciting and team-building challenge! 

2019 Iron Man & Team Enduro

Iron Man is a One Hour Endurance Race where one racer navigates mandatory pit-stops to win by best finishing position. 

A Team Enduro is a 90-minute endurance race in our Rental Karts where teams of two or more drivers compete for the best finishing position while strategizing pit stops and driver changes.


Iron Man 2019

January 10 - May 2 - September 12

Team Enduro 2019

March 7 - July 11 - November 7


Check-in at 6:30 pm
Race begins at 7:00 pm


Iron Man $100

Team Enduro $200 per Team


16 and older

How Many 

 Max 20 Iron Man & Teams


Iron Man = 60 Minutes

Team Enduro = 90 Minutes


Iron Man = 1 Person

Team Enduro = At Least 2 People per Team

Pit Stops

Minimum 7


For Top Finishing Iron Man or Team

Online Pre-Registration to Guarantee Entry! 

Iron Man register yourself

Team Enduro (only one team member will register the Team under his/her account)

Team Names will be collected at Check-In


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