Go Kart Endurance Race

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Go Kart Endurance Race

What Is Our Iron Man Go Kart Endurance Race? 

In short, our Iron Man is a one-hour Go Kart Endurance Race that occurs every other month where one racer navigates mandatory pit-stops to win by best finishing position.  


Iron Man 2024

January 11th

March 7th

**May 1st** New Date

July 3rd

September 5th

November 7th

Each Iron man go kart endurance race has a limit of 20 competitors, so we suggest you sign up for dates as soon as you can! 


Light -200lbs & Heavy +201lbs

We split into weight classes for fair and competitive driving experiences.  


Check-in at 6:30 pm
Race begins at 7:00 pm

Please do not be late to check in, as we will always begin our races at 7:00 pm, and you do not want to miss out on the competition of a lifetime!  




16 and older

We require drivers to be 16 years and older due to the speed and competitive nature of this go kart endurance race.  

How Many 

 Max 20

We do not allow for over 20 competitors, as we do not want to over crowd the track. We have discovered that 20 riders is the perfect amount to stop at to keep a balance of competitive and safe fun. 


60 Minutes

We have found out that 60 minutes is the perfect balance of fun and competition. This race is not a walk in the park, but it is also a great competitive experience. 


1 Person

Pit Stops

Minimum 3

We require three pitstops minimum to make it feel like a true endurance race. Much like every professional racing event, you have to develop a strategy of how to pit and still get back out on the track and regain the lead. This provides a competitive and strategy-filled atmosphere that always brings out the best in our riders.  


For Top Finishiner in Each Class

Online Pre-Registration to Guarantee Entry! 


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