2024 Greater Houston Race Series


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2024 Greater Houston Race Series Dates

GHRS will be a 14-race season, 7 at Speedsportz and 7 at GCKI. This will be made up of a Spring and Fall Championship, with the best 5 out of 7 races per season counting for points. To be eligible for a season championship you must compete in at least 2 events at each track per Spring or Fall Season. (Double header counts as one race event for drop purposes) 

In addition to the Spring and Fall Series winners, the 2024 GHRS overall Championship will be the combined Spring and Fall Series best 5 of 7 race points. A minimum of 4 races per venue is required to qualify for the 2024 overall championship.


Race #1 1/14 SRP

Race #2 2/11 GCKI

Race #3 3/17 SRP

Race #4 4/21 GCKI

Race #5 6/1 SRP Night Race

Race #6 & #7  6/15 & 16 GCKI


Race #1 7/20 SRP Night Race

Race #2 8/18 GCKI

Race #3 9/8 SRP

Race #4 10/13 GCKI

Race #5 & #6 11/9 & 10 SRP

Race #7 12/1 GCKI

  • Members of either SRP or GCKI pay $75 race entry fee, which includes ONLY the racers wrist band. All others buy wrist band at the gate. 
  • The non-member entry fee at both tracks is $125. 
  • Club members may practice for free the day before a race at both tracks, Non-members pay the track defined practice day fee. 

Race Format:

The race format shall be controlled practice, followed by Qualifying session, Pre-final and Main Event.  Number of laps is subject to track layout and announced at the Drivers Meeting. 

In the event a class has less than 4 entries, race day trophies will be awarded for one less than the number of entries. Each class MUST have a minimum of 5 entries for that race to count towards season points. 

Classes may be combined on track at the discretion of the race director, depending on the number of entries. 

Specs & Race Classes:

4-stroke classes will have the option of running MS93 or Bucee’s ethanol free 92 octane gasoline. 

2-Stroke classes wil have the option to run MS98 or C12 with Motul 2T or Aspen and Elf Oil.

All classes shall run Evinco Blue tires, except TAG and Shifter which run Evinco Red. Both old and new compounds are acceptable.  

Kid Kart (Honda GXH50 only)       5 thru 8      150lb

Micro Swift         7 thru 10             220lb

Mini Swift            9 thru 12             245lb

100cc Junior       12 thru 15           320lb

100cc Senior       15+                    360lb

100cc Master     30+                      390lb

LO206 Cadet      7 thru 13             245lb

LO206 Junior      12 thru 15           310lb

LO206 Senior     15+                      360lb

LO206 Master    30+                      390lb

Sr. Shifter             15+                     385lbs

Master Shifter    30+                        405lbs

TAG Junior           12 thru 15           320lbs

TAG 125 Sr.         15+                      360lbs

TAG 125 Master 30+                       385lbs

*Classes may be added/dropped, or weights modified if needed to enable fair and competitive racing. 

Championship Points

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Greater Houston Race Series Registration

Entry Fee: $75 Members - $125 Non-Members

GHRS Race Weekend - Collected At Gate

Saturday: Driver $10 Weekend Wristband, Non-Driver $20 Weekend Band, Non-Member $75 Practice Fee

Sunday: Non-Driver $10 Wristband

Online Registration Closes at Midnight Prior to Race

Speedsportz does not Rent Transponders - Click here to visit MyLaps where you can make your purchase.

You'll need to create a MyLaps Account, Activate, Perform Updates and Charge your New Transponder prior to the event!

To register for our next race, click the Event Registration button below!

GHRS Registration

Day Races

7:30am - Gate Opens

8:00am: Track Opens & Registration Opens in Kart Shop

9:00am: Controlled Practice Begins - Two Rounds - 10 minutes

11:00am: Mandatory Drivers Meeting Following Practice - Parent & Child Required for Kid Kart & Cadet

Night Races

12:30pm: Gate Opens

2:30pm: Track Opens & Registration Opens in Kart Shop

3:30pm: Controlled Practice Begins - Two Rounds - 10 minutes

5:30pm: Mandatory Drivers Meeting - Parent & Child Required for Kid Kart & Cadet

Classes will cycle through in order determined by the Race Director - Lunch/Dinner Breaks will be announced in the Drivers Meeting.

Race Classes

IAME Class Rules

All IAME Classes will run SKUSA Rules

SKUSA Rule Book


All Briggs & Stratton Classes will run Briggs Rules

Briggs Rule Book

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